Loudness Wars

The competition to make one’s recording louder or as loud as others has escalated to the point where sound quality is being squashed out of the music by over-mastering.

Watch (and listen) to this excellent explanation by Matt Mayfield…

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Historically, the Augustine Fellowship has done the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Member chairing a meeting was inappropriate.Guidelines for inappropriate behaviour were developed and that member barred from chairing meetings for 3 months (Sept ’97)
  • Member ejected from all meetings until he presents a letter from psychiatrist indicating he can interact in group settings in a healthy manner (Dec ’97)
  • Abuse of Trusted Servant Position – member banned from meetings for 4 months due to inappropriate boundaries with himself and others, specifically affecting interaction with new members and doing “12 stepping” inappropriately (Jan ’98)
  • Member stole funds and threatened violence against other members. Suspended from meetings for 3 months, cannot chair meetings for 1 yr, cannot hold a Trusted Servant Position for 2 yrs (this member re-paid funds, made amends and returned after the 3 months)(May 2001)

In the present case of a member taking advantage of new (female) members I suggest the Group Conscience consider the following boundaries be established to protect the Group, female members, and the member in question:

  • The member in question be required to absent himself from a meeting should a female attend
  • The member in question not be allowed to access our telephone line
  • The member in question not be allowed to 12-step females